Meet Dr. David Ka Lai

“Good dentistry comes from the hands, great dentistry comes to the heart.”
— Dr. Steven Lutz, teacher and mentor

Education and Professional Activities

Dr. “David” Ka Lai and Dr. Monica Wu both come from the East Coast and are proud graduates of Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Dentistry. They met in dental school and went on to finish their dental residency programs after graduation.​

Dr. David Lai completed his Advanced Education General Dentistry (AEGD) residency in upstate Rochester, New York. During his studies, he focused on surgeries as well as complex dental treatment to ensure that he could care for his patients with correct methods and materials. Each year he attends at least one four-day workshop at the renowned Spears institute.

He is active member in: 

Dr. Lai may help in translation for those in need of Cantonese or Spanish. 

Commitment to Community

Currently, Dr. Lai co-chairs the New Members Committee at the Santa Clara Dental Society to help new dentists connect with their colleagues and community and make a better impact on our neighborhoods.

He will volunteer his time at Tzu-Chi Foundation providing pro-bono dentistry to the underserved and participate in the annual American Dental Associations' Give Kids A Smile campaign in helping children in the local schools find a dental home. 

Life Outside of Dentistry

​In their free time, Dr. Wu and Dr. Lai love exploring the Bay Area with their two dogs: Remy and Maylee. These office mascots are a delight to many patients who request them as emotional support dogs.

When he's not with the pups and time allows, Dr. Lai likes to organize small groups for board games and video games. He has been a huge supporter of these hobbies since he was young.

In more recent years, Dr. Lai has found a passion for motorcycles and loves to engage in bike meets with other team members from the office and technical rides through canyons thrilling. You can follow his adventures on Instagram @drmolarcycle!

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